Springtime Family Photo Session

I’ve known this family for quite a long time and my very first photo session ever was newborn photos for their middle daughter, who is now four!  A goal I have for every session is that the kids have fun and that it feels more like a playtime for them than a forced photo session.  This natural area that we met at really helps facilitate that because it’s a place that begs to be explored.  I had fun with this session and I’m pretty sure the kids did too!  I love all the bright spring colors that they wore too!
IMG_3368 blogUntitled blog IMG_3682 blog girls picking flowers at McMurry Natural Area in Fort CollinsIMG_3573-2 blog IMG_3536 blogIMG_3569 blog IMG_3549 blogIMG_3409 blogIMG_3402 blogIMG_3462 blog IMG_3509 blog

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