Split a Photo Session with a Friend!

Did you know that I offer the option to split a standard 1 hour session with a friend? Here’s how it works:

Normally, I charge $650 for a one hour session for up to 6 people and then I give you at least 40 high resolution digital images to print whenever and however you choose.  But if that’s more time than you think you need or more than you’d like to spend, you can split that package with a friend.  Each gets 30 minutes of the one hour session, each family gets at least 20 digital images, and each family pays $325 for the first six family members (plus $25 for each additional person).  The sessions are in the same location on the same evening, either as back-to-back 30 minute sessions, or taking turns back and forth throughout the one hour time slot (this second option works great for kids who need breaks). You each get your own photos of your family.  This does not include any photos of both families together, these would be two separate sessions. 

A few other details that don’t really fit into a paragraph together:

  • It’s up to you to find a family who would like to share a session with you.  Please have your “match” figured out before you contact me.  You can find a friend who would like to split the cost or give the second half of the session as a gift!
  • If possible, I like to start my sessions about 1-2 hours before sunset for the best light, so keep this in mind when deciding when to schedule a session.
  • This offer is good for family sessions only, not for newborn sessions or milestone sessions.

Here’s a shared session from this fall!

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