Shared Family Photo Session in Loveland

Several years ago, I had an idea to offer the option for two friends to share a full photo session so each family gets half the time and half the photos that they would get for a full session. I still go to just one location for the same amount of time, but there are two families instead of one, so it keeps the session cost affordable without adding much more work for me. It works really well as long as you can find a friend who is interested in a photo session too and you can agree on a date and location! Sometimes we split the time in half so each family comes for just 30 minutes, and sometimes both families stay for the full hour and we take turns back and forth. The second option works well in locations that feature sunset views so that each family gets some photos in the best late evening light. These two families did a shared session together in Loveland a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be fun to put them together in a blog post to show what a shared session looks like!

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