One Year Old Twins

As I’ve reflected on my 2018 season of family and newborn photography, I’ve realized that this past year brought me some clarification on what it is that I love most about this job.  One of the top things on that list is the fact that I get to follow families through all of the important milestones in their lives and watch their babies grow.  There’s something so beautiful about it, and it all goes so fast!  These two babies had a newborn session with me early last year and I was so excited to see them again for their one year photos!  They were….well, less excited than I was, which is often the case with one-year-olds. 🙂  A photo session is such a strange and new thing for a one-year-old, and oftentimes babies are pretty serious while they try to figure it all out, but their serious faces are so cute too, and I find that as my own boys grow, I want to remember all of their expressions, not just their big smiles.  Enjoy the photos of these sweet babies!


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