One Year Old Baby Photos

This has been a month full of one-year-old photo sessions (or almost one-year-olds in this case) and it’s been so fun! This little girl was so happy and smiley, and I’m pretty sure I would smile all the time too if I had a dimple as cute as hers! Gotta show it off, right? Her parents said she loves her stuffed animals and they were not kidding! I’m pretty sure most of these smiles were brought on by the sight of her stuffed otter, which you can see her hugging with all her might in one of these photos. 🙂 Such a fun baby!

Black and white photo of a mom and dad holding the hands of their baby girl as she smiles for the camera
One year old girl poses with a giant number one at a natural area in Fort Collins
Baby girl hugs her stuffed animal while she sits on a little couch in a photo taken by Becky Michaud, FOrt Collins Baby Photographer
Baby plays with mom's necklace during their Northern Colorado family photo session

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