Heart and Soul

The last third or so of 2015 was a bit suffocating for my little family.  My husband had to work really long hours, accompanied by a hefty dose of work related stress.  And my son and I, well, we just missed him and got tired of doing everything without him.

In the middle of that time, my husband pitched the idea that we would go to Florida at the end of January once his big work project was over.  That time finally came last week!  As soon as we  were loaded up in the rental car, we drove straight for the coast.  We walked out onto the beach as the sun was setting, and we could just feel the tension lifting.  My heart and soul were so full this last week spending time on the beach with these two guys.


This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.comIMG_4052

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