Fall Mini Sessions

It took a few years as a family photographer before I found a way to do mini sessions that really works for me. I know some photographers line up dozens of families for a whole day of 15 minute mini sessions and that seems to work well for them.

For me, short mini sessions with lots of families in one day just feel too impersonal and rushed. I like to be able to take my time with each family so that we have enough time to get both posed and candid photos and so that kids have enough time to warm up to the idea of being comfortable in front of a photographer. I’ve been in situations where we had a end a session just when a toddler was starting to come out of their shell because there was another family waiting, and it’s such a bummer! I also like to make sure that everyone gets the pretty evening light for their session rather than the harsh midday light.

I also understand that not all families need or want or can afford a full one hour session, and I feel like it’s important to offer something shorter. For me, 3 (sometimes 4) mini sessions in an evening at 25-30 minutes each seems to be a good happy medium. So here in this post I’m sharing all of my family mini sessions from this past fall, taken over the course of 3 different evenings. I love seeing all of these happy faces and sweet clients who come to me year after year!

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