The Selby Family

The Selbys bought a photo session that I offered at a silent auction for my son’s preschool last Spring, and I’m so glad they did!  Their kids were adorable and fun and it turns out they’re pretty photogenic as well!  They chose one of my current favorite Fort Collins locations and it seems like I find a new reason to love those willow trees every time I’m there.  IMG_5160 copyIMG_5066IMG_5265 copyIMG_5180 copyIMG_5084 copyIMG_5211 copyIMG_5090 copyUntitled copyIMG_5197 copycollage 2 copycollage 1 copyIMG_5436 copyIMG_5358 copyIMG_5347 copyIMG_5378 copyThanks, Selby family, for having me take your photos!

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