The Pentz Family

When I met this family for their first photo session a couple of years ago, they were only the third “strangers” that I had photographed- most of my sessions up to that point had been for friends or acquaintances.  I remember being a little nervous on my way there, not knowing who they were or what they would be like, but when I came home I told my husband that I would take 20 more families like them in a heartbeat!  I’m so glad these guys have stuck with me as my business has grown and I’ve enjoyed watching their family grow too!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the Pentz family photos this year.067a9014 067a9013 067a9001 067a8990067a9164 067a9141 067a9128 067a9083 067a9042067a9087-blog 067a9441blog 067a9274 067a9227blog067a9337

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