The Repp and Robinson Family

I met up with the Repp and Robinson families in Loveland for a big family photo session last Saturday.  It was so fun to get to spend some time with this extended family and capture all of their special relationships.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Great-Grandma were visiting for just a short time and they wanted to get some photos with all of the grandkids.


The littlest member of the family was sound asleep when she arrived at our photo location and a little overwhelmed with all of the activity that she woke up to, but she was so sweet and really just went with the flow!a baby in a basket with a quiltIMG_8512 collage 1

I love the spunk from the middle sister in this next family photo!
family walking across a bridge in Loveland, Colorado2 year old girl on a bridge

On the right, below, is Great-Grandma, who met the baby for the first time that afternoon!  collage 2IMG_8170 IMG_8097 IMG_8075

As I looked through my photos from the session, it was so clear to me how much this little one loves her grandpa.  She had the sweetest smiles and the biggest cuddles in every photo where he was holding her. 🙂
grandpa hugging his granddaughter by some yellow fall leavesIMG_8452 black and white portrait of grandparents with their baby granddaughter IMG_8722 Thanks so much, Robinson and Repp family for choosing me as your family photographer!

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