The Pollacek Family

I met this family out at the house that they’ve been building together and we walked over to the field across the street for some photos.  It was fun to be able to take photos of them in a place that will be in their view for many years.


The kids’ grandparents had been staying with them for several months to help build the house, so we took some photos with them too!IMG_9362IMG_9665

I like to incorporate some time to play into my sessions with kids to make it more fun for them.  We played a round of “Red Light, Green Light” and then I set the kids up to play with some vintage dominoes that I brought with me.  
IMG_9619IMG_9648IMG_9733IMG_9669Thanks, Pollacek family, for choosing me to take your family photos and for the tour of your beautiful home!  I really enjoyed my evening with your family!


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