The Michaud Family

I was excited to take some photos for this family because, despite the fact that we share the same last name and whole pile of relatives, I hadn’t seen them since I took newborn photos for their younger boy.  He was the most adorable newborn, and I’m pretty sure he managed to get even cuter as he’s grown!  He and his brother were so sweet together!big brother kissing his little brother on the head IMG_0764

I wanted their heads to be closer together, so I asked the older brother to touch his cheek to his brother’s cheek.  The photo below shows his interpretation of my direction.  I think both boys were a little confused about why the crazy photographer lady wanted them to pose like that. 😉little boy misunderstands photographer's directions and touches his brother's cheek

The next photo was one of the first ones I took, and one of my favorites ever.  photo of a toddler in a sun drenched field in north Fort Collins, Colorado

We got mom and dad in on quite a few photos too!  We didn’t do that at the newborn session earlier this year, so I’m glad they have some family photos now!collage 1IMG_0852IMG_0960colllage 2IMG_1100baby boy in a suitcaseIMG_0884aThanks so much, Michauds, for having me take your photos!


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