Vintage Tea Party Photo Shoot

The vision for this little one’s third birthday session was “vintage tea party” and we thought the Oval at CSU would be a great spot. Some of the cool architecture there and the big tree row kind of remind me of being in the gardens of a British estate. It turned out that there was an extra perk to being on campus when the sweetest thing happened right after we finished her photo shoot. A parade of maybe 20 cars all decked out with pink balloons and full of (sorority?) girls came driving by. When they saw the big “3” balloon, they all started honking and yelling “Happy Birthday!!” This sweet girl waved and smiled and asked her mama “For me?” And we said “Yes! This parade is for your birthday!” Such a special moment, but I’m afraid we’ve set a precedent now and I have no idea how we’ll manage to arrange a parade for her next birthday photoshoot!

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