Cake Smash for the Birthday Girl

This one-year-old session was so much fun!  The baby was so sweet and happy, the weather was perfect, and it ended with cake!  Our weather here in Northern Colorado can turn on a dime, and sometimes that bring very pleasant surprises.  The cold, gray morning had me on the phone with her parents wondering if we should change our plans, but then the sun came out just as we were starting the session.  The thing I love most about the location we had chosen is the way the evening sun filters through the trees, so I was so happy to have the sunlight!  

I had a hard time narrowing these photos down because the birthday girl just did such a great job being adorable, so here’s a long blog post that contains less than half the photos I’ll be giving to her parents. 🙂


IMG_1626 IMG_1621 IMG_1580collage 2IMG_1679collage 3 IMG_1536IMG_1495 copyIMG_1550 blogThen there was a costume change and cake!  I’ve only started doing cake smash sessions recently and I love them!  It’s so fun to see how each baby enjoys and explores their cake differently.  She dug right in and was pretty serious about the whole thing as she started out, but then once the sugar kicked in she was having a party!
IMG_1814IMG_1835 collage 4IMG_1929collage 5IMG_1961IMG_2026Once she got tired of eating cake, she discovered her skirt and kept exclaiming over how cool it was.  So cute!IMG_2111IMG_2049collage 6IMG_2241 IMG_2137

Thanks so much, Wolters, for sharing Miss E with me for an afternoon and choosing me to be your photographer! 

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