Black and white profile of a baby girl

Baby Emersyn

I met little Miss Emersyn on a bright and sunny day in her Loveland, Colorado home a couple of weeks ago.  She is the brand new baby sister of three brothers, so she will have lots of protectors to show her the ropes!  I’m sure she’ll bring a whole new dynamic to her family as she grows!  She was so sweet and peaceful and snuggly- being a newborn photographer is truly the best job!  Welcome to the world, sweet Emersyn!Newborn portrait taken in Loveland Colorado of a baby girl tucked under a white blanket

black and white photo of a newborn baby taken by Becky Michaud, Fort Collins Photographer for newborns

Three brothers hold their new baby sister during their in home newborn photography session in Loveland, Colorado

Three boys peek at their baby sister in her crib in their Loveland, Colorado home

Black and white profile of a baby girl

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