Baby Easton

Baby Easton must have known that his mom was hoping for some photos of him wide awake because he didn’t sleep much during our time together!  It’s certainly easier to pose babies when they’re sleeping, but I also love it when they’re contentedly awake and I can get some sweet photos of them taking in the world around them.

We did this Fort Collins newborn session on Easton’s brother’s third birthday.  I took a few photos of both boys together at the end of the session and I could tell they already have a special bond.  Easton was so happy to be with his brother, and big brother was great with him.  You can see what I mean in the last photo in this post!

Simple minimalist newborn photo of a baby yawning while wearing a knit slouch hat

Newborn photo by Becky Michaud, Fort Collins photographer, of a baby on a white backdrop with wide open eyes

A big brother holds his newborn brother in their Fort Collins home during their in home newborn photo session

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