Thomas, Trucks, and a Two-Year-Old

In the time I’ve spent with toddlers, I’ve noticed that certain cartoon characters seem to be perfectly targeted at kids of certain ages.  Most kids seem to hit the height of Elmo-mania around one-year-old, and most little boys seem to be utterly enamored with Thomas the Train around two years old.  This little two and half year old guy was no exception to that rule!  I love that his parents dressed him in his Thomas shirt and brought along some of his favorite trucks to give his session a personal touch.  He was just as sweet as could be and even smiled for me when I sang the Thomas theme song: “They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight…” 🙂 IMG_5808 collage 2IMG_5848IMG_5864IMG_5905IMG_5909 IMG_5895IMG_5915


This was a milestone session- short and sweet and also not as costly as my standard sessions.  If you’d be interested in booking a milestone session for your child, you can find more information here:

Thanks for playing with me and letting me take your photos, little man.  You were a delight!

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