Sweet Boy at 3 Months

I met up with this little guy and his family in their Fort Collins home for some three month photos the other day.  Their living room has the most gorgeous window light!  I’m planning to take it over as my photo studio someday, but they don’t know it yet… well, now they do.  I’m sure they won’t mind. 😉   He has grown so much since his newborn session and is so interactive now!  It was such a joy to spend some time playing with him and taking his photos!  Baby boy in a basket with toes peeking outPortrait of three month old boybaby with mom and baby in basket

smiling baby sucking his thumbphoto of mom kissing baby's cheek baby and daddyHis dad came in while we were taking the next photo and said “Baby portraits are just an excuse for girls to play dress up!”  That may be true, but the baby sure didn’t seem to mind!

baby wearing a monkey hat black and white photo of baby with dad parents smiling at their baby

Lastly, I loved this little series of outtakes.  I imagine him saying “I sure hope none of my friends see this… Oh, hi there!  Could I get a little help?… Seriously!?  You’re just going to sit there and take pictures of this?  Can’t a guy maintain some dignity?”

wesley gets too many kisses

Thanks for letting me “play dress up” with your baby boy. 😉  It is always a pleasure to take his photos and I’m looking forward to our next session!

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