One-Year-Old Boy

This little guy is so much fun!  Twelve to eighteen months has always been one of my favorite ages for kids.  They are just learning so much in those months, and all of the communication they do without words is pretty impressive.  Lucky for me, I’ve had a lot of one-year-olds to photograph lately!  This little one is a special one-year-old to me because he’s my nephew!  I’m quite sure I’m biased, but I think he is just adorable.  We had a fun time playing in the willow trees at one of my new favorite photo spots in Fort Collins.
IMG_9198 copyIMG_9234 copyIMG_9208 copyIMG_9210 copycollage 3 copyIMG_9206 copyIMG_9239 copycollage 1 copycollage 2 copy
IMG_9350-2 copyIMG_9369 copyIMG_9379-2 copy

I mean, seriously.  The adorableness is astounding, right?  Happy Birthday, little man, and thanks for being one of my best models! 🙂

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