Baby Elijah

Baby Elijah is definitely the tiniest baby I’ve ever photographed, and one of the most cooperative as well!  Sometimes newborns want to kick their little limbs every which way, and sometimes they just curl up into the perfect pose every time.  I had fun meeting him and seeing how much his parents adore him.

Here’s another fun fact:  1/3 of the babies on my blog are now little boys whose names start with Eli (well, one has two “l”s, but still).  I checked the baby naming charts just out of curiosity and, while these names are fairly popular, it seems I’m well above the national average on percentage of babies named “Eli____.” 🙂


Anyways, you aren’t here to learn about the popularity of baby names, you’re here to see cute photos of Elijah, so on with the show!IMG_2527 copyIMG_2535 copycollage 3 copyIMG_2562 copy IMG_2544 copycollage 2 copyUntitled copycollage 4 copyIMG_2635 copy


Thanks so much, Stanczyck family for trusting me to take photos of your sweet boy!

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