Baby Collins

Taking photos for this little girl was such a treat!  It was cool and overcast the morning we did this session- an atypical summer morning for Northern Colorado- but the home that welcomed new baby Collins just a few days prior was warm and inviting.  I had so much fun visiting with Collins’ parents and seeing how much they adore her.  This session definitely cemented my love for newborn photography!img_0880blog


Macro photo of newborn baby's hand



Black and white Lifestyle photo of new parents kissing their baby in their homeLifestyle photo of a proud new dad talking to his newborn girl

New parents admire their newborn daughter in their home

Family portrait with a newborn baby girlA new mom cuddles her baby in the nursery

Can you tell how much I love those photos of the parents with their new baby in the window light?  I think if I could only photograph one thing for the rest of all time, I would be mamas holding their newborns in window light.  I love the posed portraits and the chance to use all of my fun newborn props too, but I feel like families are really missing out if they don’t get those simple shots of mom and dad adoring their new baby.  As a photographer, it is so special to get to peek in at that love and capture it for the family.  I feel so blessed to have had the chance to do that for Collins’ family and would be happy to do it for every baby in Fort Collins!

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