family of six playing in a field

Fall Family Photos in the Woods

This family photo session was back in October when Fort Collins was lit up with fall colors!  It’s been fun for me to revisit these photos and this beautiful day as I watch the snow fall today from the comfort of my couch.  I already can’t wait for fall family photo season to come again!  This family was so much fun and their four young kids really impressed me with how well they took direction and cooperated.  I’m starting to really love photographing bigger families!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the Lehmann family photos!family of six playing in a field 067a4485-blog 067a5053 067a5131 photo of a mother touching her daughter's cheek  taken by a Fort COllins family photographer 067a5014 mom and son in the fall leaves in Fort Collins 067a4769 067a4619 collage-1067a4921-blog067a4725 Black and white portrait of a Colorado boy067a4896 067a4740 collage-3067a4584

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