Extended Family Session with the Freemans/Elders

When I was a little kid, we spent many Christmases up in Northern Minnesota with my dad’s family.  Every year that we were there, we would take a big family photo in my grandparents’ living room.  This was back when we didn’t know how photos were going to turn out until after the film was developed (which really wasn’t that long ago), so many of those family photos have someone with their eyes closed, or someone half hidden behind someone else, but they are precious memories!  Extended family photos take a bit more work to coordinate than a photo session with a smaller group, but they’re worth it!  So glad these guys made time to get these photos done!

I’ve known the grandma of this clan for a while now, so it was fun to be able to meet the rest of her family.  We were dodging thunderstorms, but got a strip of clear skies right over us in time for our session.  Here are just a few highlights from their session, with many more photos to be delivered to the family soon.  IMG_6231 blogIMG_6150IMG_6096 IMG_6086 IMG_6066 IMG_6183IMG_6116 IMG_6106 IMG_6276 IMG_6254IMG_6368collage 1IMG_6170 IMG_6207

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