Back-to-School with the Smith Girls

Here’s another set of sisters that I just adore.  So sweet and so beautiful!  Here are a few sister shots of them:IMG_5760IMG_5741

I love it when families bring their own special props to use in their photos.  Their mom brought along “The Secret Garden,” one of the girls’ favorite books.  Another thing they brought along that was pretty adorable was a kids’ camera.  The older sister very sweetly asked me if I would take a photo with her camera during the session, and I was happy to oblige!


By the time we did the girls’ individual photos it was raining a bit, but we had enough cover under the trees to stay mostly dry.  These girls are pros at rainy photo sessions by now anyways, as it rained during their family photo session last fall too!



I hope you enjoy your photos, Smith girls!

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