Baby Willow

I wish you could jump into this session with me and feel how it felt to spend a morning with this family and their sweet baby girl!  Sometimes I take photos that look peaceful and beautiful, but really there were rain clouds rolling in, screaming toddlers, and lots of bribes being offered.  Sometimes that happens, but we still manage to have fun and get good photos amidst the chaos.  This session however, was not like that at all.  This session was every bit as peaceful and beautiful as it looks in the photos.  When I look back through these photos, I’m reminded of a gorgeous day in a bright and cozy home in north Fort Collins with a perfect little newborn and her sweet family.

I really enjoy all of my newborn sessions.  I love meeting new families or visiting with friends I haven’t seen in a while.  I love the blessing of sleepy babies who curl up in perfect poses, but I also love the challenge of waiting patiently for a restless baby to drift off and then finally getting the perfect photo.  This one was especially fun though, and I hope the photos convey that too!  IMG_3069 copycollage 4 copyIMG_3065 copycollage 3 copyIMG_2983 copycollage 2 copycollage 5 copyIMG_2798 copy

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