Baby Vanessa

The more newborn photo sessions I do, the more I am amazed by how tiny, perfect, and unique each baby is.  So much of who they will become is already written in their DNA and a world of possibilities lies before them.  I remember looking at my own sons when they were newborns and having such a hard time imagining what they would look like and be like as they grew.  Now that they’re older (ages 7 and 2), I look back photos and videos from their and it’s so easy to see the “big” boys that I now know and love.

It’s been so fun to capture the first few chapters of little Vanessa’s story- her mom’s maternity photos, Fresh 48 photos when she was just a few hours old, and now newborn photos.  She doesn’t understand yet how much her mom and dad love her, how excited her big sister is to have a playmate, and what a great family she is a part of.  Someday though, when she’s “big” like my boys are now, she’ll look back on these photos and she’ll see it.  The very very beginning of her beautiful little story.

Simple and natural newborn photo of a baby girl wearing a floral headband

Simple organic photo of a smiling newborn taken in baby's Fort Collins Colorado home

A new big sister puckers up to give her baby sister a kiss during their in home newborn session in Fort Collins, CO

Black and white portrait of a family of four during their lifestyle newborn session in their Colorado home

A mom and dad admire their new baby girl

Newborn photo of a baby girl taken by Becky Michaud, Northern Colorado Photographer

A baby girl wears a pink floral crown and a lace blanket during her Fort Collins newborn photo session


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