Baby Rachel

Baby Rachel’s newborn session was lots of fun!  She was wide awake for her photos with her parents, but once she fell asleep, she slept hard.  Her parents had a few special hats they wanted to use in the session- a cool steampunk hat made her grandma, and a couple of Star Wars themed knit hats.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the cuteness as I was photographing tiny, sleeping princess Leia with her signature double buns. 🙂  They actually asked if I’d like to keep the Star Wars hats at the end of the session, so you may be seeing some more tiny Leias and Yodas on my blog if I photograph more babies of Star Wars fans.  We did plenty of the simple, organic set ups that I love, too, but it was fun to do something a little different!  Here is Baby Rachel!
In her home in Fort Collins, a baby girl poses in white and gray for her newborn portraits

A baby girl is tucked in under a plain white blanket with a yellow bow in her hair for her newborn photo session in her Fort Collins home

A newborn girl in a purple blanket with a white flower crown

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